2021 Honda Civic car is the car of Creativity

The Honda Civic model 2021 has an eye-catching presence and is designed for life, so some options are easy, so make your first choices is Honda Civic model 2021, with this car you will feel good.

And now, here is some information about the Honda Civic model 2021;

The outside look of Honda Civic model 2021:

  • The Hunda Civic model 2021 has a hatchback body and sedan.
  • The shape of this car is so beautiful and has a smooth appearance.
  • It features a new front side with front net which more visible.
  • It has very strong LED headlights.
  • It has the attractive and wonderful sports shape.
  • There is an electric sunroof in the higher classes of the car.

The inside look of Honda Civic model 2021:

  • The interior of the car is made of high quality materials.
  • The interior space for the passenger is large and comfortable and this is because of its distinct dimensions.
  • It has lots of spaces for storage inside the car cabin.
  • There are several entertainment systems inside the car.
  • Car engines:
  • It uses a 4 cylinder-engine by capacity (1,6) liter.
    It has a six-speed automatic transmission that pushes the gear to the front wheels.

Features of Honda Civic car model 2021:

  • Besides its wonderful and attractive form, it is also distinguished by some
  • High descriptors such as;
  • It features airbags for the driver and front passenger.
  • It comes with smart system without using key or any button.
  • Economical in fuel consumption.
  • It strikes a balance between comfort and sporty performance.
  • It has many advanced safety features and technology.
  • It has automatic climate control.
  • There is a sound system with four speakers.
  • It has an adjustable driver seat and height.

Disadvantages of Honda Civic car model 2021:

  • The engine doesn’t run smoothy with the transmission.
  • Spare parts for that car are unavailable in the market.
  • Weak acceleration and traction.
  • There is a difficulty in reselling this model because it is not widely available in the market.
  • The seats are made of cloth.
  • The car’s motor is not as sporty as its design.

Honda Civic car model 2021 series:

  • Sport Honda Civic car model 2021.
  • Tornning Honda Civic car model 2021.
  • Honda Cvic car EX-L Model 2021.
  • There is 3 series of Honda Civic car model 2021 with different engines:
    1-CVT with engine (1.614 FWD)
    2-CVT with engine (2.014 FWD)
    3-CVT with engine (1.5TC 14 FWD)

Specification of Honda Civic car model 2021:

  • Engine: 1600 c c.
  • Acceleration: from 0 to 100 in 11.6 second.
  • The horses of the car is : 123 horses.
  • Torque of the car : 151 newton. Meter.
  • Size: compact sedan.


1-Crystal black.
2-Platinum silver.
3-star white.

The prices of Honda Civic car model 2021:

  • Price of HONDA CIVIC car model 2021 EX-L IS: 21.050 dollars.
  • Price of sport Honda civic 2021 is: 21.650 dollars.
  • Price of Honda Civic Torning is: 21.550 dollars.

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