Hyundai is one of the companies that is very popular and we find a large class of the public who prefers to own the Hyundai car, Hyundai car has been able to prove its presence in the market for very long years, through the various versions that it has presented and has succeeded through it tremendous success to have a name that moves from the local to globalism.And now, there are some information about HYUNDAI TUCSON 2021;

THE outside look of HYUNDAI TUCSON 2021:

  • The car takes the form of a large crossover car that is characterized by ferocity and strength in the design that has been classified in this way because of its strength.
  • The headlamps operate day and night.
  • The car has very stability as it is available with225/60/19 rims.
  • The space of the rear trunk is very large , reaching 519 liters, with a depth that carry many things.

Interior design for Tucson 2021:

  • It has 2021 a large main display screen surrounded by simple air vents and air conditioning.
  • Behind the steering wheel, a wide, rectangular display predominates and features a panoramic sunroof.
  • It also features comfortable leather seats for up to 5 people.
  • The steering wheel and handlebars are covered in leather.
  • There are buttons for controlling the volume and temperatures on the steering wheel that have a soft blue backlight.

Features of the HYUNDAI TUCSON 2021:

  • The car works and closes through the remote control, tit is possible to rotate through the remote control in the summer period, when the car is started and adjusting and adapting before entering the car.
  • The car has 3 mirrors, one of them in the rear bag, an area of 360 liters, and the others with mirror through the sides at 360degree angles to fully reveal the roads.
  • The car’s furniture gives a very high performance.
  • Chairs in the car, electrically, to control the rise and fall of the chair.
  • The 7inch front screen works by touch and through which many systems are set and the road is determined.
  • The car has very large areas from the inside, both from the front and the back, in a sitting position.
  • Many storage spaces are available, either in the drawer, in the console or in the holder for cups and glasses.
  • Choosing the appropriate driving position for the leader.
  • Providing a vehicle collision alert feature that gives an alert when any thing is approaching the vehicle to alert the driver.

Disadvantages of HYUNDAI TUCSON 2021:

  • A car at 40 speeds is not the best thing.
  • The car has a sunroof and a panorama system, Both in opening and closing.
  • Low fuel efficiency.
  • Not as fast as the competition cars.
  • Small internal space.
  • It doesn’t have the ability to drive offroad.
  • Some driver aids are optional while they are standard on competitors’ cars.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine Capacity:1600 cc.
  • Numbers of Cylinder: 4
  • Fuel:92
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 50
  • number of moves: 7
  • Carrier type: Automatic.
  • The power of this car: 180 horses.

Colors of HYUNDAI TUCSON CAR 2021:

  • There are many colors in HYUNDAII TUCSAN CAR 2021 LIKE:
  • Cream White.
  • Phantom Black.
  • Sparkling Silver.
  • Dreamy Gray.
  • Amazonian Gray.
  • Flaming Red.
  • Deep Blue.

The prices of HYUNDAI TUCSON 2021:

  • It comes in two prices,
  • The first price: 31000 dollars.
  • The second price: 35000 dollars.

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