Cars, driving and women (Can women drive or what ??!)

Cars, cars are a big world with different shapes, types and colors due to its type of shape, characteristics and attractiveness, and car buyers have many options, some of them are looking for size, the other looking for speed, and some looking for performance, and so on.
Most men are looking for strength and speed, and rarely find a man looking for the shape of a car, but rather looking for strength, performance, efficiency on the road, and safety means.

But do these options apply when the driver is a female? !!

Before we delve into the details of this matter, let us talk about the relationship of women to cars, for decades and years ago women began to drive cars and drive them on the road, and the requirements of a woman in a car differed from the requirements of men, and here was the difference and the equation.

Before we turn to women’s choices in choosing their car, let us ask a question, which is: Does a woman’s driving differ from a man’s? Is it good or better than a man’s leadership ??

Women or men driving a car ?! A question that is asked every year, and in spite of that it is not answered in a decisive way because it is not a siren that you can walk on, but what happened is that there is a British study published in the newspaper that settled the matter, which is that women are much better at driving than men for several factors and for many reasons It is possible that there will be many opponents of this theory and the other who believes in it, but I will show you some reasons that will motivate you to support that theory.

1-The insurance rates for men are twice the insurance rates for women, because they are more careful and fearful while driving.
2- Regarding some statistics, we will find that the most violations were taken from men, much more than women.
3 – Most men love speed. As for women, they understand that if they are at the first level of speed, they feel that they are walking very fast, so women are less prone to accidents and violations compared to men.

Even so, few women pass the driving test the first time.
Since the issue of women driving has become realistic, and it has become a common habit in many regions, western and Arab countries, and this is something that most men do not like because from their point of view, women are not worthy of driving cars on the road.

So, of course, there have been advantages, pros, disadvantages and negatives, so in this article we must present the pros and cons of women driving:

Pros of women driving a car:

1- If the woman can drive the car, then this will have advantages such as that it will remove from the man’s shoulders, deliver her to anywhere, and even be able to bring her children to school, saving her husband’s time and effort.
2 – Harassment decreases, as the woman or girl gets into her car when she leaves the house, so she will not deal with men or see anyone, but rather she will go from her home to her desired place, whether it is work or any other place.
3 – Economically, but this is relative, when a woman can drive, she will be able to bring her children to school, which makes her save money that will go to the private drivers.
4- One of the advantages of women’s leadership is that it provides her with an opportunity for employment if she has a car that is able to accept any suitable job and can go to work easily without the need for her emigration or any other person, or to resort to public transportation and so on.

Cons of women driving:

As there are the pros, you will see the negatives, so we will show them now;

1- With women driving, there will be traffic congestion on the roads due to the increase in the number of cars than usual.
2- At times, the woman will see that she can leave the house without worrying to wait for her husband to deliver her if he is busy with his work, and this makes her leave her children either in some nurseries or with babysitters and this leads to the disbursement of a lot of money.
3 – The increase in expenses for the head of the family, if the woman learns to drive the car, the husband will have to buy a car for her, and so it is considered an additional expense because she will provide necessary repairs and maintenance, and this costs money.

Women and cars, if women loved cars and waded into this world and became experienced in it, then they divide cars not in terms of their brands, but rather divide them into cars that men would like to see to drive and cars that they like to drive themselves.
So I will show the cars that women think are suitable for men and cars that are suitable for women.

Since we are now in the time of appearances and formalities, the car has also become a luxury that complements a person’s image and level, such as his clothes, the shape of his hair, and the type of watch he wears.
So some, but not all, women judge people by the type of their car or like to see their men behind certain cars.

I will display some of the names of these cars;

Ferrari Portofino:

Whoever hears the Ferrari brand makes people’s eyes shine, especially women, as it is a luxurious and luxurious car and it is one of the most attractive and powerful cars because it comes with an eight-cylinder engine, it is a car that catches the eye.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante:

Lamborghini is one of the beautiful cars that catches the eye, old and young, women and men all love and adore.
This car comes with a normal strong engine
The 5.2-liter V10 engine produces 631 hp, with four-wheel drive and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.
Women see the owner of this car as the knight of their dreams.

Jeep Grand Cherokee:

Jeep driving force and ferocity on the rugged road is a car called the confidence car, no matter how bumpy the road is, it cuts it easily and conveniently because it is a car in difficult conditions and despite its strength and challenge, it is distinguished by a modern and beautiful design and shape .

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is one of the beautiful cars that are no less than Ferrari and Lamborghini, as they are also attractive and attractive design, and they consume fuel in a stylish way and have a large area and carry a lot of things.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

The women and she organized it to the men who drive that car, as she sees them as wealthy men with high taste and sophistication.
And the car comes with a beautiful and attractive design.

Mercedes-Benz S Class

The type of car reveals the personality of its driver, and one of the best cars is the Mercedes Benz, and the car is distinctive and beautiful and has an attractive and attractive design.

There are also other cars that are suitable for men, and women think that they are suitable for their men. Now I will offer cars that are suitable for women.

First, before we show the cars suitable for women driving, we will talk about what are the concerns of women about their choice of car.

In the past, when a woman used to go to buy a car for her, she used to choose only its color and details, and she would leave it for her husband, her father, or someone with experience in cars.

Now, with the different geography of regions and the change of roads, there are concerns for women when choosing the car to drive.

One of the first concerns that a woman becomes interested in when choosing a car is :

1- The conveyor system, it is looking for an automatic transmission that helps it to transfer speeds without the need to use its feet on the clutch and gasoline.
2- Size: Women care about the size and appearance of the car because it reflects its personality. Also, women like small cars because they help them park them on the side of the road.
3- The mapping system and knowledge of the roads, and this is what you are looking for strongly because some women do not know the roads well, so this option helps them to know the road without trouble.
4- That the car is suitable for families with children and is comfortable and stable on the road.
There are many cars that women love and adore, but there are the best cars that suit women and they are cars that women have been flocking to buy because they are suitable in terms of money and family.
1 – Kia Picanto
It is a beautiful car and suitable for women of all ages, but its price is great, and its size is small, and the carriage has 1250 cc and the transmission is automatic, so it is one of the most important options for women.
2- Ford Focus
Ford Focus is a beautiful car in design and colors, and it is considered one of the favorite cars for women. It is based on a 3-cylinder engine, 1000 cc and automatic transmission.
3- Mini Cooper
It is a German car and is available in two classes, the first with three doors and the second with five doors.
Its performance and power are great because it relies on a 1500 cc engine with 136 hp and since the women prefer the automatic transmission, it is an automatic transmission car.
It is suitable for women in terms of size, shape and competence.

4-Honda Civic
It is considered one of the best, best and most beautiful cars that women prefer and even listen to driving. It is available in the market in one class with a 1600 cc engine and 123 hp and a critical automatic transmission.
5- Chevrolet Malibu
Joy and life is a Chevrolet that suffices its name, reputation and it
The 2020 Chevrolet Malibu makes you happy when you drive it, so it is the choice of all car enthusiasts, especially women.
As it is characterized by a modern, beautiful and attractive shape, its driving is very comfortable and its space is enough for five people.
Its performance is high, as it has a turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine that comes with a six-speed automatic transmission and generates 160 hp.
And its price is very nice, economical and beautiful.
6- Mini Cooper
It is a car that enjoys difference, and whoever loves to change and change, this car is the best option, especially women who love change and difference, and it is a car that comes in two models, the first three-door and the second five-five, which is a dead car and women would be economical, so this car will definitely like it and it has a different shape.
7-Mazda 3
If women are still new to cars, then this car is the best in the beginning because it enjoys technology and comfortable driving. It is also beautifully designed and has a strong engine capacity of 1.6 liters and its power is 103 hp and its price is also suitable.
8-Renault Captur
This car is beautiful internally and externally and is comfortable, and it is a tip for all girls who want to buy a new car, as it is youthful and modern, and allows its driver to use it for various purposes such as sporting purposes and is
characterized by a 1.2 liter engine, and its power is 120 hp.
9- Hyundai i10
This car is one of the comfortable cars for women who have limited financial conditions, it is a car with a lower economic cost and at the same time it is distinguished
The kind of cars presented by the Korean company Hyundai with attractive and picturesque appearance that attract girls and women.
The car engine has a small capacity but is efficient.
10- Renault Duster
It is a large car and suitable if there are children in the family, and it is also a suitable car, as it is not expensive
It comes in three grades and has a 1600 cc engine and 115 hp automatic transmission.

These were the most preferred cars for women when driving and owning them, of course, there will be others, but every difference depends on what the woman needs and what she wants with her car
So there will be a permanent change in the list of cars preferred by women.

Before buying the car, madam, there are some tips and instructions:

1- Determine the type of car first and whether you want it small in size if it is for your personal use or large in size if there are children.
2- Knowing how well and efficiently its engine is so that you can deal with it.
3- Before buying, you should study car options first and then put in your mind some options to prefer their bin.
4- You should check the engine, steering wheel and brakes, and if necessary, a car mechanic specialist must be with you.

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