Chevrolet Aveo 2021

Chevrolet has excelled in providing many different versions through which it was able to become one of the major car companies, as it presented many models of various versions, which excel each year through it from the previous year and apply all the advantages of modern development that an individual needs through the Chevrolet car. This is in addition to the wonderful shape that suits and satisfies all different tastes with the capabilities of the car, which appears in general in all models of the Chevrolet company, and among those versions that excelled in presenting and excelling in it is the Chevrolet Aveo 2021 in its new year, which was released to the market more than Ten years ago and achieved tremendous success, becoming one of the first versions offered by Chevrolet.


The car takes the modified sedan shape with broad lines on the front and transverse side, which takes a silver color, and the headlights blend with it in a more elegant way, with a Chevrolet brand in the middle prominently.


  • Provide the safety feature for children
  • Provide the driver and the attendant with 3 airbags
  • Providing ABS, which provides a closed brake system to prevent the car from skidding.
  • Providing ebd feature, which distributes the brakes in all parts of the car evenly.

the engine

  • The car has a 4 cylinder 1600 cc engine
  • Automatic transmission gear with 4 different speeds
  • It reaches 450 Nm torque at 4000 rpm.

Car specifications Chevrolet Aveo 2021

The car is available with 16-inch wheels that stabilize the car while completing the car’s elegance component of the rims.

Providing high-quality materials inside the car, from leather for the chairs, as well as the times and the highest materials in the design of the dashboard and doors from the inside.

Providing the car’s handles with the same color as the car, unlike previous years, which used to go down in a different color from the car’s color, and it was often silver.

The height of the car from the ground reaches 56 mm, and this height is very suitable to protect the car from the bottom from friction in the baggage or walking in high-rise bumps.

Features of the car Chevrolet Aveo 2021

  • The car has a front console, neat and organized with an HD cassette, providing a bluetooth feature to operate all Android phones, as well as providing an aux usb cd through the dashboard.
  • Also, more than one control feature has been encrypted through the passage, through which it is moved from one station to another, as well as controlling the volume in terms of height and lows.
  • Providing a backrest for the car that can be folded or unfolded as needed.
  • Providing a number of storage spaces, whether in the pockets of the front chairs or through the doors and providing a cushion for the driver. Keys or a phone are stored inside and a cup holder for the front side.
  • The car is available with a sunroof that works with the panorama opening and closing system.
  • Providing a number of sensors, such as a warning without wearing the belt, an alarm with over speeding, and an alarm with reversing.
  • Provide a sensor park.
  • Anti-theft alarm for the car.
  • The possibility of opening the bag directly through the remote control.
  • Alarms and flashers with side mirrors while the signals are on.
  • Controlling the side mirrors by adjusting the angles automatically.

Disadvantages of the car Chevrolet Aveo 2021

  • The car does not have an automatic folding system for the mirrors.
  • Despite the variety of storage spaces, the storage areas are very small, carrying only small items.

The price of this car;

  • 12,722 ‎‫.‬‎ dollars‬‬

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