Chevrolet Lanos is a car of elegance and simplicity

Certainly a Chevrolet company has a great reputation and years of enthusiasm and confidence, because it produces many types of cars with high strength and reliable cars, so the company has gained wide fame and its name has become frequent among the car markets since it was founded in 1911, and the company’s delegation this year introduced many cars such as the Aveo The petra, the Lanos, the Cruze and the N300, but now I will show you the Chevrolet Lanos car for the year 2021 with all its specifications, advantages and disadvantages.

Technical specifications for Chevrolet Lanos 2021:

The 2021 Chevrolet Lanos features;
Engine: 1595cc
Engine power: 86 hp.
Maximum torque of 132 Nm.
Tankers: it has 5 carriers in the car, 4 cylinders and 16 wheels, and it has a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour.

The design

From the inside:
Its cabin is spacious, allowing the driver and passengers to sit comfortably, the panel that lies in front of the driver and the front passenger is made of high-quality plastic, and contains indicators and measures that facilitate placing or parking in a suitable place, the car trunk is very spacious and very large.

Exterior design:
Its body and exterior is very strong and solid, as it has been reinforced by the front and rear struts, and the passenger frame)

So, the Chevrolet Lanos is one of the cars that do not combine the best service for an adequate money value. In its shape, it is a simple and elegant car, and from the inside it is not like the hallways that confuse you with all its great technology, because its beauty is in its simplicity.

Features of Chevrolet Lanos 2021:

  • It works with its electronic injection feature.
  • It consists of five comfortable seats and is covered with luxurious leather.
  • It contains four doors in an elegant and attractive design.
  • It has a remote door control feature.
  • Comfortable headrests. – It has a CD player.
  • It has an AUX input. It also has a USB port.
  • It contains a spacious back bag and has interior lighting.
  • It contains airbags to protect the driver and passengers in case of accidents and shocks.
  • Car spare parts are available at very cheap prices so they are very suitable for beginners.

Disadvantages of the Chevrolet Lanos:

  • The Chevrolet Lanos engine is relatively weak for a large number of people, and we have indicated that in the technical specifications of the car.
  • Acceleration is considered weak, starting from 0 to 100 km in 13.1 seconds.
  • The chassis system in the car is weak and not strong at all, and the car body is weak and light because it is made of iron and therefore does not withstand shocks, so the safety measures are not sufficient for the passengers.
  • The car’s seat is not very high, which makes the car close to the ground.
  • Vehicle stability decreases when reaching a speed of 120 km / h.
  • The car’s brakes are not proportional to the motor capacity.
  • The car air conditioner is weak, despite the large size of the salon, and therefore they do not fit together.

Price of this car:

10714 dollar.

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