Chevrolet Optra model 2021 Is the creativity car

The Chevrolet cars company is considered one of the major brands and companies, Chevrolet cars company appeared on the market for very long years and presented many different models, as more than twenty thousand cars were issued in one year and achieved the highest percentage of sales.
And this year , Chevrolet launched the 2021 Chevrolet Optra.
Now there are some information about it;

Outside look

The exterior was designed with an artistic style, giving the designed of its lines a modern look.
Its bold introduction is designed with a philosophy of dynamic sculpture.
The Chevrolet Optra 2021 has been engineered with creative artistic touches to make a long-lasting impression.

Inside look:

The interior designed is elegance and attractiveness, the interior car saloon is very spacious and the car seats are very comfortable and very acceptable.

Features of Chevrolet Optra 2021:

  • The car motor has very acceptable performance.
  • The car is fuel efficient to some extent.
  • Nice designed, very attractive and streamlined on both sides.
  • The stability of the car is good at high speeds.
  • The car comes with good accessories in this price category.
  • Locking all doors while driving the car directly and reaching speed of 20.
  • Activate alarms with side mirrors while turning on signals.
  • There is a handrest and it is also opened and used as a storage unit.

The disadvantages of Chevrolet Optra 2021:

Isolating the car from outside noise.
The sound of the car’s motor is clear inside the car’s cabin.
the competitors beat the car in safety and equipment such as the Tipo and MG5.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: 1500 cc.
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: 92
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Number of moved: 6
  • The length:4597 mm.
  • The width:1736 mm.
  • The height ;1462 mm

The prices of this car:

  • The first series :12.716.28 dollars.
  • The second series:13.085 dollars.
  • The third series : 13.352.41 dollars.
  • The fourth series:13.708.65 dollars.

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