Hyundai Sonata N Line 2021

Hyundai has revealed more details about the 2021 Sonata In Line N Line, which comes in an all-new shape that adds excitement and appeal to the mid-size sedan segment.
Hyundai unveils the Sonata N Line model 2021, Hyundai revealed more details about the Sonata In Line N Line for 2021, which comes in a completely new form that adds excitement and attractiveness to the mid-size sedans segment.

The Sonata Inline is designed to be a distinct entry point to the high-performance “N” brand of Hyundai, which is distinguished by its sophisticated design and its strong performance upgrades

Design of Hyundai Sonata N Line 2021:

The outside look:

Sporty, sensual design The new Sonata N Line’s low and wide exterior is accentuated by Hyundai’s sporty and sensual design identity through the Parametric Jewel Pattern Grille, bold front fascia, wide air inlets, the Inline logo, with arrow-shaped air curtains on the front The lower parts support aerodynamic performance and engine cooling while giving the new car a sporty character.

The side of the vehicle underlines the sporty styling of the Sonata Inline, through sculpted body panels.

Its 19-inch alloy wheels are bold in design, and the rear of the car merges with the overall design in a delicately sculpted form, designed to enhance the aerodynamic performance and further express the aesthetic of low and wide cars at the same time through horizontal lines.

The shape of the 2021 Sonata is reinforced by both the wing The combination of glossy black, dual chrome exhaust, and lower underside add to the design of the car more feeling of power to reflect its distinctive performance.

The inside look:

Interior design elements complement the exterior of the Sonata In Line, and include the perforated leather N steering wheel with metal bars, red woven sport seats with leather bolsters, gear hatch metallic accents, leather inserts and alloy pedals.

Features of the car:

The car supports the mechanical performance and sporty appearance of the sedan, with a Smartstream GDi 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, paired with an eight-speed N DCT dual-clutch transmission (N DCT) eight-speed transmission for customers who enjoy driving, which was developed for the N vehicles, generating 290 horsepower and 311 lb. Torque.

This makes the Sonata Inline the most powerful Hyundai Sonata ever.

The addition of a turbocharger, a different cylinder head, and unique interior parts have greatly improved its performance, compared to the standard Sonata 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 191 horsepower or its optional four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine with 180 horsepower.

The Sonata Inline also has great low- and mid-rev torque, pulls the engine hard all the way to its redline, and the N DCT provides clear and precise shifts.
Engineers have added several mechanical improvements to the Sonata’s chassis to increase stiffness for powerful performance, and its unique suspension system is due to stiffer bushings, higher spring rates, revised shock valves, and larger swing bars in the front and rear so that all of these factors contribute to both ease of travel.
Everyday and add excitement and excitement while driving on the open road, the 2021 Sonata prioritizes family comfort and driving pleasure. The Sonata Inline has a low weight of 3,838 lbs (1,740 kg).
The Sonata In Line has a low weight of 3,838 lbs (1,740 kg). Its turbocharged engine and suspension – good – provide comfortable aerodynamics and agile cornering at medium speed.
The engine power steering is mounted on the rack for a pleasant drive. To stop the new Sonata In Line, engineers added larger front and rear brake calipers and discs that make stopping easier.
So the N Line is an excellent upgrade to the base Hyundai models; Due to its dynamic design and its high-performance functional features, all of these characteristics make inline driving a pleasure within the reach of a wider audience.

The price of this car:

33,200 Dollars.

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