Kia Soul between the luxury and economy

Kia is one of the high-quality car brands that always seeks to satisfy its customers, and depends on providing high capabilities and options, so Kia, a Korean company, provided a large-size family car of hatchbacks and is considered at its best price and its design is wonderful and attractive, which is the Kia Soul.

Each car has its own specifications, features and design that distinguish the car, so the Kia Soul 2021 has excellent specifications in the interior and exterior design, and we will show them now,

Its internal specifications :

It is characterized by a spacious enough space for 5 passengers, the passenger space in the front seats is wide by 41.1 inches and the rear seats are spacious to suit the feet of the passengers and their extension.

The external specifications of the car :

It features halogen headlights and taillights with LED lights and reflects the car’s cool look.
There are power side mirrors and 16-inch aluminum sport rims.
Kia presented its Kia Soul for the 2021 model, with two engine options.

First choice:

The 2.0-liter engine delivers 147 horsepower and 132 rpm of torque.

And the second option:

The 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine delivers 201 horsepower, with 195 rpm torque.

Features of Kia Soul 2021:

  • Its interior is spacious and comfortable for passengers.
  • The entertainment and information system is easy to use.
  • Its price is very suitable for its capabilities and its price is suitable for small Suvs.

Disadvantages of the Kia Soul 2021 :

  • Wind noise and excessive tires at highway speeds.
  • Limited standard security technology.
  • The interior quality is not good compared to many competitors.
  • As sporty in its drive as some of the competitors.

There must be safety means to preserve the lives of the car’s owners and the passengers, so I will now show the car safety means,

  • One front airbags for the driver and one for the front passenger.
  • To control the car easily, it has an anti-slip brake system.
  • Anti-theft alarm, front and rear sensors.
  • Electronic distribution of brake force on all tires.
  • Electronic stability program to increase the car’s power at high speeds and electronic distribution of brake force on the tires.

Each company donates its car design and colors, so Kia presented its Soul 2021 model in different and modern colors that suit all tastes and ages;
(Black Cherry – Graffiti Gray – Hell Red – Mars Orange – Neptune Blue – Snow White Pearl – Sparkling Silver – Secret Green)

Each car has a weight, length, width and wheelbase, so now we will show the weight and dimensions of the 2021 Kia Soul Soul:

  • Length 4196 mm.View 1801.
  • Height of 1600 mm.
  • Wheelbase 2601 mm.
  • Total weight ranging from 1270 to 1377 kg.

Price of this car:

  • It starts by 24,758

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