Lada Granta car model 2021 to the globalism

Lada company is one of the companies that appeared in the auto market and was able to enter and compete with the rest of the models offered by other cars, and even reached the design of many cars that were presented in the European style that attracts and attracts attention, while providing technology elements that the car buyer may always seek Providing it in the private car that he is buying, and this is available in various versions of the Lada company, which has succeeded in it through the various versions that it has presented, which appeared among them the car Lada Granta 2021.

And now some information about the Lada Granta car Model 2021;

Design in terms of form, engine and safety as well:

The car was distinguished by strength and precision in the design, which appeared through the grille with wide black lines and the combination of lights in it more than attractively with the introduction of the sedan class car.

  • the engine
  • The car has a 1600 cc motor capacity
  • Provide 16 mist
  • Provide a four-speed automatic transmission.
  • The car has a power of 98 hp
  • 50 liter fuel tank
  • Safety
  • Provide air bags in the front
  • Provide eas system for electronic stability.
  • Provide front and back headrests.
  • Provide the baby lock blocker
  • ABS system that prevents the car from skidding as it works to lock the brakes.
  • Providing an ebd system that distributes the brakes evenly throughout the car.

Specifications of the car Lada Granta 2021:

The car has a rear space of 440 liters on the side of the trunk, with a cavity that helps to enter the items easily.
Providing 14-inch wheels that help stabilize the car on the ground while providing a stylish shape.
The length of the car reaches 4250 mm, width 1700 mm, and a height of 1500 mm.

Features of the car Lada Granta 2021

The car has air conditioning to completely cover the cabin interior.
The car was provided with fuel economy, with a fuel consumption rate of 6.8 liters per 100 km.

The car provides a central locking system.
Automatic lifting unit through four doors.

High-quality materials were provided to the car, starting with the seats from the leather and the dashboard, which was provided from high-quality fiber with the provision of a leather-coated seat.

The lamps operate by day and night system.

Provide a different number of possibilities, such as the open button for the bag and the automatic control button for the side mirrors.

The car is equipped with a cvt gearbox that provides smooth transmission.

Providing an armrest through the back sofa that can be folded or unfolded as you like.
The car rises from the ground by 50 mm, and this height is suitable for non-friction of the car from the bottom side of the luggage, as well as walking on high bumps.

Provide automatic opening of the bag through the remote control and without the need to open the car to use the back trunk, where you can use the bag through the key directly.

Providing a neat and organized front console that works with HD cassette, as well as controlling the operation of the Android system for different phones, providing aux usb, bluetooth and cd system and providing more than one control system from time to time.

Providing a digital clock through the tableau.

Disadvantages of the car Lada Granta 2021:

Power side mirrors are only available in the second category and not on the first.

The difference between the car versions 2021 Lada Granta:

  • The car is available in two grades, the first category, through a 5-speed manual gearbox
  • Hand grips are not offered in the first category in the same color as the car.
  • The second category is with automatic transmission
  • Provide handles of the same color as the car
  • Provide electrical control for side mirrors.

The price of this car is:

It is available in 2 prices:

  • 9,732 dollars.
  • 11,005 dollars

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