Nissan Sunny car 2021

The company producing the Nissan Sunny knows how difficult it is to compete between cars, especially in global markets, so it decided to develop the capabilities of its car in this world because:
The car competes with the Chevrolet Aveo, but now there are many new competitors with very distinct specifications in this price category, which made Sunny lose a large part of its sales!

Nissan Sunny has become competing with cars such as the Fiat Tipo and MG5, which are very powerful cars that have gotten huge sales, and also compete with cars like the Citroen C Elysee and Peugeot 301, and we find that all competitors offer better specifications, better design and more safety means.

The Nissan Sunny 2021 is a Japanese car that is assembled in India, and we all know how much customers trust Japanese cars in general, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi.
Nevertheless, the Nissan Sunny has proved enormously efficient.

Features of the Nissan Sunny 2021

  • The car is high from the ground and suitable for Egyptian streets.
  • It is very fuelefficient, as it consumes 6.9 liters per 100 km.
  • The materials inside the car are good, they are superior to the Chevrolet Aveo.
  • The car has excellent visibility areas, especially with the small front post.
  • The side spaces are wide and large, which makes the car suitable for families.
  • The car’s driving position is elevated, which makes it suitable for new drivers.
  • It is characterized by having customer confidence, which helps in easy resale.
  • The car air conditioning is very excellent and does not affect the motor performance.
  • The car salon is very spacious, comfortable and outperforms the competitors.
  • The car is very popular, and this is a positive factor that leads to the spread of its spare parts and the availability of maintenance centers everywhere.

The car is as reliable as Nissan cars and does not appear to have faults often.
There are some simple differences between 2020 and 2021, and perhaps the most prominent of these differences is the 7inch middle touch screen, which is connected to a rear camera to help in reverse .. And that screen can connect to the mobile phone via “Bluetooth”.
The Sunny car is also distinguished by its safety devices
The car is offered with 2 airbags, with antilock braking system (ABS), and electronic brake force distribution system (EBD).

Disadvantages of the Nissan Sunny

  • The car is raised from the ground and this is a defect in stability
  • The weight of the car is very light, which affects its stability
  • The performance of the car is not the best in its price category
  • The car’s design is boxy and not outdone by competitors such as Chery Arrizo 5 and Citroen CElysee
  • The 2021 model is available from the car with the same old look.
  • The car is available in four categories, the first being manual and the other three automatic.
  • Display:1695
  • Height.:1500
  • Wheel base:2600
  • Wheels:15 inches.

Technical specifications:

The “Nissan Sunny” model belongs to the family sedan category. It is equipped with a fourcylinder engine, with a capacity of 1500 cc, producing 108 “horsepower” and a maximum torque of 134 Newton / meter, connected to a fourspeed automatic transmission.

According to the data announced by “Nissan”, the car relies on a frontwheel drive system that can accelerate from a standstill to 100 km / h in 15.5 seconds.
The average fuel consumption is 6.9 liters for mileage of 100 km / h.

The prices of Nissan Sunny:

  • Manual transmission version : 11,444 Dollars
  • First Class Automatic : 12,786 dollars
  • The second category automatic : 13,645 dollars
  • The third category – automatic : 14,344 dollars.

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