Renault Sandero 2021 is a creativity car

Renault Sandero is a French car that comes to the Egyptian market affiliated with the EIM agency, the car is considered a hatchback, the car comes to the Egyptian market in one class, the car comes with a design similar to that of Renault Logan, but the only difference is the rear trunk, if you see the car from the front, you cannot specify If it was Logan or Sandero.

Renault Sandero car competes in a price category with other hatchbacks such as Suzuki Swift and Ford Fiesta, and with a small price difference, we will find cars like the Seat Ibiza .

Renault Sandero 2021 features:

  • The performance of the motor is considered acceptable in this price category.
  • The car salon is spacious, comfortable and has a lot of amenities.
  • The car fuel tank capacity is large.
  • The car is very fuel efficient, as it consumes 5.2 liters per 100 km.
  • The windshield wipers of the car are large and suitable for families.
  • The visibility areas for the driver are large.
  • The storage spaces in the car are good for a hatchback, and the area of the rear trunk reaches 320 liters.
  • The windshield of the car is completely electric.
  • The car’s height from the ground is excellent and suitable for Egyptian streets.
  • The car is considered valuable for a very special price.
  • Isolate the car to external noise inside the country is good.

Disadvantages Renault Sandero:

  • Interior car salon materials are not the best.
  • The car’s design is not the best in its price category.
  • The sound of the motor is clear inside the car.
  • The car’s motor gives its full power and torque over a very large number of revolutions.

Renault Sandero 2021 specifications:

The Sandero 2021 models are equipped with many security and safety equipment, including 2 front seat airbags, ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake distribution, safety belts, and an immobilizer system to protect against theft.

It featured cruise control, front and rear fog lights with daytime running lights, manual air conditioning, 15-inch wheels, servo steering wheel with height adjustment, electric mirrors, and electric windows.
And it is provided with an entertainment system consisting of (MP3 radio – USB port – Bluetooth – volume control feature via the steering wheel), and others.
Inside, the car features a power steering wheel, front and rear electric windows, manual air conditioning, side mirrors electric control, trip computer, multi-function steering wheel, steering wheel height adjustment, CD and MP3 radio with Bluetooth, USB, AUX, 60:40 foldable rear seats, front armrest and fabric-furnished seats .

External dimensions:

  • The length is 4059 mm.
  • Width is 1994 mm.
  • The height is 1519 mm.
  • Rear trunk capacity is 320 liters.

Technical specification of the car:

The Renault Sandero 2021 is a small hatchback, equipped with a four-cylinder engine, the engine capacity reaches 1600 cc, the power is 110 hp, and the maximum torque is 148 Nm.

The Renault Sandero 2021 comes with a five-speed automatic transmission, and it depends on an important feature, which is the front traction system, as well as its ability to save fuel, as it consumes 5.2 liters in the 100 km.

Price of this car:

  • 13,549 ‎‫.‬‎ Dollars‬‬

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