Seat Leon Model 2021 us the creativity car

SEAT has excelled in presenting many models over the previous years to our time as the car has many capabilities that make the car owner feel many of the advantages that he needs in keeping up with the technological progress already present inside the car that he owns as the car enjoys With many different advantages that it has played in success, among the European cars that have many different capabilities, and among the cars presented by the car was the Leon car, as it succeeded in selling many of the versions that it provided, and among those models was its presentation of the Seat Leon 2021.

And now , some information about thus car;

The car has a distinctive flowing shape, as the lamps in which the car was presented have an elegant and streamlined design, with sharp lines that clearly appear from the sides of the car, providing a square front grille with the SEAT brand on the middle side, which completes the flow and elegance of the car.

The engine :

  • The car is powered by a 1600 cc motor capacity.
  • The car is available in power of 110 hp.
  • The car operates at a torque of 155 Nm.
  • Shift drive has 4 different gears.
  • The car is powered by a 4-cylinder engine.
  • The number of car wheels is 16.
  • The number of car seats is 4 seats.
  • The maximum speed of the car reaches 185 kilometers per hour.


  • The car is available with an electronic fuel injection system.
  • The car has an ABS system that provides stability and non-slip.
  • Provide an EBD feature that distributes the brakes evenly through all parts of the car

Leon 2021 specifications :

The car has a rear area of \ u200b \ u200bthe trunk of up to 340 liters while providing a cavity that helps in entering the objects inside the car more easily.

The car is presented through distinctive-shaped rims, which complement the elegance and luxury of the car.

Leon 2021 car features :

  • The car has an interior of the cabin shining through the black color of European design with the design of the console that is bordered by the silver color of chrome and the base of the gearbox is linked to it in a very elegant manner.
  • The car offers sporty meters that match the exterior and interior of the car.
  • Providing a CD AUX USB system and a Bluetooth system through which the APPLE CAR PLAY devices and the ANDRIOUD PHONE system can be activated.
  • The car is provided with a cruise control system, through which the maximum speed the car is traveling at, which cannot be exceeded, regardless of the pressure on the petrol tire.
  • The car sometimes has a number of different systems, such as moving from one station to another, as well as answering the phone and rejecting the call with the SEAT brand.
  • The car provides an automatic opening and closing of the side mirrors, with the provision of angle control in the mirrors in terms of directions.
  • The car supports a rear alarm system that helps in the process of reversing without hitting any object.
  • Provide good ground clearance.
  • The car provides a front screen that displays the media, as well as a navigation system to recognize the roads that works through touch.
  • The car has a front driving space that gives the driver a sporty driving position, especially on highways.

Defects of the car Seat Leon 2021:

The car is provided through only two doors, not four doors, and that may not be a defect because it is considered a sports car.

Technical specifications of Leon 2021:

  • Engine Capacity :: 1600 cc
  • Conveyor Type: Automatic
  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Horse Power :: 110 HP

The price of Leon car 2021:

  • 24,745 ‎‫.‬‎ Dollars‬‬

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