Skoda Kodiaq is the popular car

Skoda Cadillac is the car of the era with its specifications, the multiplicity of its categories, its systems, and its elegant and attractive shape, which made it the focus of attention for many people, and its price matches what the car offers in terms of capabilities and accessories.

This car has many classes, and now , we will show them:

Skoda Kodiaq cars model 2021 offer the “Active” category with five seats, with a set of specifications and safety devices, including “airbags for the driver and front passenger,” ABS “, electronic brake distribution” EBD “, and the electronic balance program ESP.

And it contains a set of equipment and accessories, including “17-inch sport rims, front and rear fog lights with LED lighting, smart parking system, rear camera, cruise control, and others.”
Skoda Kodiaq cars are equipped with the “Dynamic” series of seven seats, with an engine based on the system of total traction, in addition to a set of specifications and safety devices for the previous category, including “tire pressure monitoring system, electric panoramic roof, engine start / stop button system, and others” .
3-Sport line.
Kodiak cars contain the “Sport Line” category with seven seats, with additional accessories than the previous categories, including “19-inch sports wheels, electric chairs, and others.”
4-L&k Special Edition.
Kodiak has supported “L&K Special Edition” with a set of additional equipment and accessories, including “360 camera, a canton subwoofer sound system, a chrome front grille with a front camera, interior inlays in black” piano “.

the signature of L&K logos on the international fenders, and seats Luxurious, leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel with “L&K” logo.
Kodiaq models offer the “TSI AWD” category with a 2000 cc engine, in addition to some specifications and accessories, including “airbags for the driver and front passenger,” ABS “, electronic brake distribution” EBD “, and the electronic balance program ESP.

Specifications Skoda Kodiaq 2021:

  • Engine Capacity 2000 cc.
  • Engine power is 188 horsepower and 155 Nm of torque.
  • The car has 4 carriers and 4 cylinders.
  • The speed of the car is 180 kilometers per hour.
  • Wet type Dsg gearbox.
  • The car is considered fuel efficient, as it consumes 7.3 liters per 100 km.
  • Air-conditioner with remote control and rear power windows.
  • Skoda Kodiaq is equipped with an electronic fuel injection system.
  • Airbags for the driver and front passenger.
  • LED front and rear fog lamps.
  • Rear camera and electric panoramic roof.
  • The Skoda Kodiaq first series car has 5 seats only, and from the second to fifth series there are 7 seats.
  • The Skoda Kodiaq car is designed with distinctive materials and wonderful design.
  • The side glazed spaces are large.
  • Can control the rear seats of the car.
  • The rear trunk space for the car is 270 liters, when the rear seats are folded, it reaches 720 liters.

The prices of Skoda Kodiaq :

  • The price of active category:35,305 dollars.
  • The price of Dynamic category: 37,849 dollars.
  • The price of Ambition category:42,938 dollars
  • The price of style category:45,483 dollars

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