Suzuki Spresso car 2021

Suzuki offers cars that give value for an excellent price, and the Suzuki Spresso comes along the same lines, so the car is very competitive in terms of price, as for the specifications, the car comes with excellent specifications.

And now we will show some information about the Suzuki Spresso 2021:

The Suzuki Spresso car belongs to the small sports car category.
It is equipped with a three-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 1000 cc, generating a power of 67 “horsepower” and a maximum torque of 90 Newton meters, connected to a five-speed transmission.

The Suzuki car relies on the front traction system, which accelerates from stability to 100 km / h within 14.3 seconds, with a maximum speed of 150 km.

Design and dimensions :

  • The length is :3.56 meters
  • The width is :1.52 meters
  • The height is :1.56 meters
  • The wheelbase is :2.38 meters
  • Ground clearance :180 mm
  • Rear trunk space: 239 liters

The engine :

  • Engine Capacity :1000 cc
  • The number of cylinders is: 3 cylinders
  • Power is: 67 hp
  • The torque is :90 Nm
  • Front traction system for wheels
  • Transmission type 5-speed manual
  • The fuel tank capacity is :27 liters.

Formal, interior and accessories features :

The Suzuki Spresso shines with a small exterior structure that has a youthful spirit, streamlined lamps in the center of a grid containing square air openings, and the car contains 14-inch wheels and metal rims with a distinctive engineering design in silver.
The new Spresso offers a dashboard cockpit with exterior color accents and buttons to control the center console in a circle.
Suzuki Spresso 2021 cars are presented with a set of specifications and safety and security means, including “2 front airbags for the driver and front passenger, and the anti-lock braking system” ABS.

It contains a set of equipment and accessories, most notably “manual air conditioning, front electric windows, the possibility of folding the rear seats, power steering, and center lock. It is also provided with an audio system consisting of two speakers with a 12-volt electrical outlet.

And it is supported by the engine immobilizer system, safety lock for the rear doors, 14-inch wheels, a digital instrument panel, halogen headlamp lighting, manually adjustable side mirrors, rear parking sensors.

Disadvantages of Suzuki Spresso 2021:

  • The rear window of the car works manually.
  • The interior upholstery is made of fabric, not leather, and this is not preferred by some.
  • The outside of the car handles are old.
  • The interior space of the car is relatively small.
  • High prices for auto parts

Colors of Suzuki Spresso 2021:

Suzuki Espresso is available in 5 available colors:

  • white
  • red
  • silver
  • orange
  • grey

The price of Suzuki Spresso car model 2021:

  • The price is :9,281 dollars.

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