The 2021 Suzuki Ertiga

Suzuki is one of the largest well-known car companies that have a great position in the market as the Suzuki car was able to offer many different models through which it had a prominent position in the market over the years in which it was found, as it provided the angel cars and commercial cars that diversified and succeeded. Through it, as the Suzuki car presented many international cars in the markets in which it moved to the European market, and among the cars that succeeded in presenting it was the 2021 Suzuki Artiga, which was presented in a distinctive and modern way with European specifications.

Design :

The car was introduced in the seven-seater hatchback category, where the car has a strong design and sharp lines from the sides with wide lines in the front in the center of the Suzuki branding and the lights blend seamlessly.

The engine :

  • The car has a four-speed automatic transmission.
  • The motor is available with a capacity of 1500 cc.
  • The car has a power of 109 hp.
  • The maximum speed of the car reaches 175 kilometers per hour.

Safety :

  • The car has ABS that helps prevent the car from slipping, especially by means of rain and oil seepage from the car.
  • Providing ebd feature, which distributes the brakes through all parts of the car.
  • The car supports front passenger airbags and the accompanying SRS.
  • Provide shockproof supports.

Car specifications Suzuki Artega 2021 :

  • The car was introduced through 7 seats to be a first-class family car.
  • The car is economical in fuel consumption, with a fuel consumption rate of 5.7 liters per 100 km.
  • Provide halogen car lights.
  • Provide flexible seats through the interior cabin.

Car features Suzuki Ertiga 2021 :

  • The car was offered with a front-wheel drive system.
  • The car has a Sensor Park feature, as well as rear sensors that facilitate the reversing process.
  • The car has an internal lcd screen available in colors and many different systems, and the screen size is 4.2 inches.
  • The screen features a backlight that helps the driver in the night time through its accuracy and clarity.
  • The length of the car reaches 4,265 meters and a width of 1.695 meters, and the height of the car reaches 1,685 meters, which gives the interior a large space from the inside to accommodate the entire family.
  • The car is equipped with the Bluetooth feature that supports the operation of Android phones and apple car play with the provision of USB aux
  • The car has a backrest that can be folded and extended as desired.
    Provide high-efficiency air conditioning that completely covers the car from the front and the back.
  • The car supports an alarm with no belt on when going out on the road.
  • The car supports a front grille ventilation.
  • An alarm is available through the side mirrors and the flasher works while the signals are turned on automatically.
  • The car provides a rear trunk space of 400 liters while providing a hollow space for easy entry of things inside.
  • Provide electric windows through the four doors.
  • The car supports a good viewing area, whether in the front, the driver’s side, or the rear while reversing.

Disadvantages of the car Suzuki Artega 2021 :

  • The car’s acceleration is poor compared to other classes of the same model presented to it.
  • The car does not give the best handling performance at high speeds.

Vehicle Technical Specifications:

  • Engine Capacity :: 1500 cc
  • Conveyor Type: Automatic
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Horse Power :: 109 HP
  • Maximum speed: 175 kilometers per hour
  • Year of manufacture: 2021.

The price of this car :

  • 17,805 ‎‫.‬‎ dollars‬‬

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