The BMW car between The challenge and the leadership

The BMW car is one of the cars that takes the first class in the purchase options, so there was a huge responsibility on BMW to update and develop the capabilities of the car to competing with the car that have recently arrived in the cars market like (Mercedes S class 2019 and Audi A82019 which are considering luxury cars.

And now, here is some information about the BMW 7 series 2020:

The outside look of BMW 4 series Coupe:

  • It has a front destination with a huge grille.
  • It has LED headlights with laser lights to discover the road in front of the driver.
  • It has a new front bumper with ventilation holes.
  • Its tires are high and new.
  • It has Rims and these are 18 inches.
  • From behind, it has lamps extending continuously on the cover of the back box and dimmable them in an elegant and attractive manner.

The inside look:

  • From inside, it has been augmented with an updated information system.
  • Its seats are  sports ,elegant and beautiful.
  • The interior cabin came in a simpler and quitter way.
  • It can accommodate 4 or 5 passengers.
  • The on and off button has been moved to the center console.
  • This car strikes the balance between luxury and pleasure of the driver.
  • Its cabin is spacious and luxurious.
  • The rear seats of the car are characterized by a large area, so the passenger in the back feels comfortable.

Car engines: It has;

  • Engine capacity: 4400 cc
  • type of conveyor: automatic
  • Country of manufacture: Germany.
  • The speed: 250 km / h.
  • Engine (Hybrid version) it has power 530 horses.
  • The car is offered with an eight-cylinder engine.

Features of the BMW 4 series Coupe:

  • The engine of this car is very powerful and strong.
  • This car has responsive driving dynamics.
  • Drive system x drive all-wheel drive.
  • Airbags are available for the driver and passenger.
  • Provide a collision warning system.
  • It has a rear camera to show the road for the driver.
  • It is characterized by its high technology.
  • It has a safe technology provider safety system.
  • It is connected to the mapping system.

Disadvantages of the BMW 4 series coupe:

There are no spare parts except through the agent.

Technical specifications of the BMW:

  • Engine Capicity:4400 cc.
  • Cylinder number:8
  • Fuel: 95.
  • Fuel tank capacity: L 83.
  • Seats number:5
  • Number of moves: 8
  • Vehicle conveyor type: Automatic

The colors of the BMW 4 series coupe:

  • It has many colors in this car;
  • red
  • black
  • bright gray.
  • botanical.
  • dark blue crystal.
  • White.

BMW series:

The BMW car comes in many variants, shapes and style to be appropriate for all needs, and each category differs from the other by its engines and each car features its own rear wheel drive.

The prices of the BMW 4 series coupe:

  • The BMW car that has a rear-wheel-drive : 45,600 Dollars.
  • Price of I xdrive BMW: 47,600 dollars.
  • Price of M 44oi xdrive: 58,800 dollars.

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