The Nissan Sentra is a very popular

The Nissan Sentra is a very popular and reliable vehicle. It is the older brother of the Nissan Sunny, and the Sentra is distinguished by its saloon capacity and spacious areas as it is a dependable family in the first place.

The car has a long history abroad. The improved version of the seventh generation was provided as the Premium version at higher prices. The car is currently available in the global market the eighth generation.

The Nissan Sentra is a Japanese car that is classified as a compact-size sedan. The car comes in four grades.

The car comes to compete with cars such as the Fiat Tipo and Renault Megane first classes. It also competes with Peugeot 301, Citroen C Elysee and many other cars.

The car was recently included in the cars participating in the initiative to replace cars with natural gas. The car will be officially available, but the price of the natural gas version has not been revealed.

Design Nissan sentra:

Nissan has turned the Sentra into a stylish car, especially thanks to the orange paint and 18-inch rims from the SR, so this Sentra is very beautiful, and Nissan made it shorter and wider than the previous model, in addition to the use of a V-motion grille and elegant headlights, and from all angles, it is This design was a huge victory.

From the inside:

The bold exterior is supported by an interior design that makes it one of the best in the compact sedan segment, the design is great with a lot of space and storage, while the technologies are also good thanks to the use of an easy-to-use touch screen that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, in addition to the access to air vents Circular, while the Nissan seats look more comfortable, In the back, passengers have large leg room and a USB port to charge their mobiles, in addition to leather seats with orange stitching in the SR Premium Package.

Features of the Nissan Sentra 2021:

  • It is characterized by saving fuel because it is mainly a family car.
  • The car is primarily a family car, but despite that the car’s stability is excellent at high speeds.
  • The side windshield wipers are large and spacious, making the car suitable for families.
  • The car is very spacious inside, and very comfortable.
  • The locking inside the Nissan Sentra is very distinct.
  • The storage spaces inside Centra are large and numerous, and the space in the back bag reaches 510 liters.
  • The car has a CVT gearbox which is a highly fuel efficient gearbox.

Nissan Sentra disadvantages:

  • The CVT gearbox is unpopular for some customers, making the driving experience unpleasant.
  • The car’s suspension system reacts greatly to the road, making the car less comfortable.
  • The design of the car is inferior to competitors like the Fiat Tipo even in the improved version.
  • The car’s safety is very weak among the competitors.
  • The car’s equipment among the competitors is very poor.
  • The car is not considered value for price.

Vehicle Technical Specifications:

  • Engine Capacity: 1600 cc.
  • Acceleration: 0 to 100 in 10.9 seconds.
  • Horse Power: 118 hp.
  • Torque: 154 Nm.
  • Size: compact sedan.

The price of this car:

  • 19,083‎‫.‬‎ Dollars ‬‬

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