The Opel Astra 2021 The creative car

This is due to the confidence of users in the German Opel cars, and Opel did not disappoint users in it, but rather presented them with a very powerful car.
The Astra is a German car that is classified as a compact sedan.
The Opel Astra is primarily a youth sports car, especially after its introduction with the 1.4 liter turbo engine. The car comes to compete with cars such as MG6, Nissan Sentra, and Toyota Corolla. It also competes Renault Megane, the new Elantra 2021, and the Kia Grand Cerato.

The car is offered with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 140 hp, and is linked to a 6-speed automatic transmission.
Thanks to its new engine, “Astra” is able to start at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 10.2 seconds, and reach a top speed of 207 kilometers per hour.
It consumes an average of 6.2 liters of fuel per 100 km. Opel has supported its Astra 2020 icon with a set of standard specifications and safety and security measures, including “front and side airbags.
ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic distribution, ESP electronic balance program, Hill Start Assist and rear parking sensors.

Features of the Opel Astra 2021:

  • The front riding spaces are wide, but the back spaces are narrow and the back sofa can accommodate two people only.
  • The car maneuvers very well at high speeds.
  • The stability of the car on the road is very strong at high speeds.
  • The car is fuel efficient to some extent
    The interior of the car is excellent, especially with the red instrument cluster and chrome accents, but it is not superior to the MG 6.
  • The car’s suspension is very comfortable and handles the road excellently at all speeds.
  • The materials inside the car are good, but they cannot compete with the existing cars such as the Elantra CN7.
  • The height of the car from the ground is adequate, and the performance of the motor is excellent, but it is not very consistent with the gear shift.
  • The car is reliable and has no faults.
    The car salon is comfortable even though the chairs are made of cloth.
  • The car is one of the most reliable cars in its price category, like the Toyota Corolla

Disadvantages of Opel Astra

  • In-car storage spaces aren’t the best.
  • The vehicle’s exterior design is outdated and currently uncompetitive.
  • The back spaces are narrow, and the back sofa can accommodate two people only.
  • The middle information screen does not touch, and only provides basic functions.
  • The car seats in the previous version were leather, but in this version the car comes with only fabric chairs.
  • The vision areas in the car have many blind spots due to the large menus of the car.

The price of this car is

19,401 ‎‫.‬‎ Dollars‬‬

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