Toyota Corolla car is the best car

Toyota is the one of the car companies that emerged from the first car companies to offer many types of different cars, it has a long history, and through this history, it was able to develop itself.
Toyota doesn’t stop at presenting cars with new capabilities, but rather develops each model, so this year it presented us with the Toyota Corolla 2021.

And now some information about Toyota Corolla car 2021;
The outside look of Toyota corolla car 2021:

  • The car features a front grille with wide lines that blends with the lights in a more elegant and attractive way.
  • The mark of Toyota is in the middle of the grid, with the front lens below the lights.
  • The car tends to European design a lot.


  • CVT gear motor.
  • The car has a 4 cylinder gearbox 1600 cc.
  • Provides automatic transmission with 6 different speed.
  • The car reaches 120 hp.
  • The maximum speed reaches 190 km/h.

The inside look of Toyota corolla 2021:

  • The design of this car is tend to sporty design.
  • It has digital screen in the center of the car that displays the fuel consumption capacity and the maximum speed the car is travelling on.
  • The car has high-quality interior materials in terms of leather seats.
  • The materials which used in the doors and console, a mixture between fiber and high-quality plastic.

Features of Toyota corolla 2021:

  • Provide a panorama sunroof.
  • The car has front wipers that give a comfortable driving position.
  • Provide wide viewing areas to make the driver doesn’t need to raise his head in order to discover the road from below.
  • Providing a touch front screen that supports many systems.
  • The car has good air insulation on the roads.

Disadvantages of Toyota Corolla 2021:

  • There are no AC outlets on the rear of the vehicle.
  • The screen system is not easily perceivable.
  • Setting on the middle back sofa is not comfortable enough.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine capacity: 1600 cc.
  • Numbers of cylinder: 4
  • Fuel: 92.
  • Fuel tank capacity:50 l
  • Numbers of the seat: 5
  • Numbers of moves: 6
  • Carrier type: CVT.
  • Speed:190 km / h.
  • The power: 1220 horses.


  • It has 6 airbags.
  • It has center lock.
  • Providing ABS property that prevents the car from skidding in roads off oil leakage or heavy rain fall.

The colors of Toyota Corolla 22021:

  • blue -gray
  • black -white
  • green -brown.
  • red -beige

The prices of Toyota Corolla car:

  • 22,264.63 dollars.

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