Toyota Rush The New Family Car in 2021

Toyota has excelled in its car models and was distinguished in its capabilities, specifications, and the goodness of the materials in which the car was made. Toyota was distinguished by creativity and luxury.

Now, in this article, I will show you enough information about the 2021 Rush car, in terms of specifications, advantages and disadvantages, even versions and versions of the 2021 Rush car:

Specifications of the 2021 Rush car :

  • The car is very distinctive, as it competes strongly in the family of 7-seater SUV cars with many cars.
  • And the design of the car is very strong attack, and the car is distinctive and desirable because of its large family size.
  • It is not suitable for young people and does not perform well, which makes it not suitable for all classes, such as the Fortunes car.

Features of Toyota Rush 2021:

  • The car is distinguished by its exclusivity, so riding the car is distinctive and unique.
  • The distinctive unruly design and offensive shape of the car make you feel that the car is youthful, not family
  • The car is very suitable for trips due to the wide and distinct glass spaces.
  • The car comes with a dual zone air conditioner
  • Safety specifications in the car are very good.
  • It has 6 airbags.
  • The driver’s vision areas are wide and very distinct, and there are no blind spots.
  • The car is very spacious from the inside.
  • The car is full of storage spaces.

Disadvantages of Toyota Rush :

  • It is not considered the best car for resale, so the car is not the best value for its price.
  • The car loses against its competitors in terms of luxuries, as the Jetour X70 surpasses it.
  • Its stability on the highway is not good due to its high altitude.
  • The motor gives its full power and torque.
  • The motor’s performance is weak to a large extent in relation to the size of the car.

Each car model has classes, and for each category it has its own specifications and features, and now with every category;

Specifications of the first category of Rush car 2021:

It comes with many equipment and accessories which are 16-inch wheels, LED daytime running lights, LED headlights, warning lights with brakes, fabric seats, automatic front air conditioning, remote control, bluetooth, USB, 6 speakers, electric side mirrors, fog lights Front, rear parking sensors, rear air conditioning hatch.

Specifications of the second category of Rush car 2021:

It comes with the same specifications as the first category, in addition to being distinguished by the presence of 17-inch wheels, LED headlights + SMOKE, 8 speakers.

Price of the 2021 Rush car:

It starts : 23,322 dollars.

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